Rotary File Cabinets

Rotary Cabinets is an amazing combination of practicality and versatility in a single rotating unit. With its small footprint and height capabilities, Rotary Cabinets can provide more changeable and multi-purpose filing inches per square foot (of floor space) than any other filing system designed.

Units can be custom configured to accommodate everything from standard color-coded folder filing, filing in full-shelf rollouts, binders, small media filing (i.e., CD's) in 3-inch drawers, security storage in locking drawers, to Spacefinder boxes and wardrobe capabilities-all in the same cabinet. And because components can be adjusted in ½-inch increments in the field, you can mix and match and change configurations anytime you wish.

The attractive and ADA friendly Rotary Cabinet is opened with a simple push of a few fingers to expose the interior configuration of choice. Pushed once again (180 degrees) and the 2nd side opens to the user. Open, Rotary Cabinets could present a wall of color-coded files or other contents. Closed, Rotary Cabinets present an attractive alternative to file cabinets or even walls. The sturdy Rotary Cabinet rotating base has been tested to 900,000 revolutions without failure. With no mechanical devices to break or jam, Rotary Cabinets represents the "perfect file" for today and tomorrow.
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