Case Study: Enstor Gas, LLC

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January 18, 2018
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February 23, 2018

Workflow | Hurricane Harvey Disaster Recovery and Rebuild Project | Enstor Gas, LLC

Workflow Business Solutions was contacted by Enstor Gas, LLC immediately following Hurricane Harvey. This storm hit Houston, Texas August 17, 2017 through September 2, 2017 with devastating floods and wind damage. Two days after the storm, the customer was able to make entry into their office. We were summoned to aid in the removal of all of the archived and active files for this Gas Company. There was no electricity, and our team had to work around massive remediation teams in mud and contaminated water. Not the most ideal working conditions. The video below depicts the situation as we removed the files from the first floor file room.


We removed the customers files and binders and stored them into bookcarts to be dried and relocated to an adjacent office building. Workflow was also approached on-site by other tenants in the building to provide services to dry and shred their respective documents. WorkFlow was able to provide that service.

After removing files and binders for Enstor Gas, we immediately removed the existing high density filing system, which was too rusted from water damage to reuse. The removal of the equipment and records in response to this urgent request “call to action”, was completed in two working days! Three months later, we were able to locate a used high density filing system configured to the renovated file room for the gas company customer. Installation and reloading of the files by our Records Management Services team took 2-3 working days. The letter we received from Enstor Gas speaks for itself……

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