High Density Filing Systems


Are business matters getting a little too complicated? Wouldn’t it be nice if an expert professional came in and developed custom high density filing systems for your needs? Workflow Business can help you get – AND STAY – organized and on point. Filing systems can be created for simple tasks, such as providing quality folders and labels. These systems can also be more complex with automated file tracking and sophisticated storage capabilities within attractive cutting-edge office furniture. The sky is the limit with Workflow! .

Workflow Business offers top-of-the-line, durable file folders in a variety of materials, sizes and weights. You’re able to choose the details, such as the placement of your filing tabs (end tab, top tab and two-tab). Paper stock comes in manila and color folders in letter, legal, and metric sizes. We will also help with color coding efficiency..

Workflow takes the time to consider the folder’s detail. First, the folder is undercut to increase tab visibility. Second, the single-ply or reinforced double-ply tabs are embossed with score marks to ease the accuracy of label application. To avoid damage to contents (such as bending, and fraying), the corners are rounded. Lastly, the front panel has the ability to expand to accommodate numerous documents..

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